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25 June 2009

Atta Boy, Michael…You Had The Last Dance (And Laugh)

By — Kenny Love, CEO The KELGroup

Michael Jackson, the long-standing, pardon the phrase, “butt boy” of the media, had both the last dance and last laugh today with his untimely passing.  The surprise element is that few, if any, knew that Michael may have been having alleged heart complications as has been reported.

After an incredible long-standing and vibrant music career, in recent years, Michael had been the unfortunate joke of the media/paparazzi, which appeared to take great delight with Michael’s misfortune of late by selecting every opportunity to attribute its coined phrase, “Jacko,” to the master celebrity.

Personally, the only issue I had with Michael was his obvious inability to understand that certain situations in society are both unforgivable by the public at large, despite their purportedness of innocence.

I am speaking of Michael’s age and his controversial long-term association with children and, minors specifically, that seemed to cast a constant dark shadow over his life in recent years and blotting out most of his career accolades.

Since I was not afforded first-hand knowledge regarding the situation, as I never have, I shall not at this appointed time elect to serve as judge, jury, nor executioner of Michael Jackson.

And, though his untimely death is, indeed, surprising, perhaps he may finally discover the peace and tranquility in his now totally spiritual life that so evaded him in the physical.

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