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10 May 2008

Who is on fire?!

HOUSTON, Texas – – May 8, 2001 – – With his upcoming debut CD titled, “Hard Hats & Steel Toes,” hovering on the music industry’s horizon, newcomer RAP artist, “Brizite,” has just released a streaming audio ‘snippet’ of the first single release titled “Dangle Jangle.”

“We’re now only a few feet from the finish line,” says Kenny Love, Director of Marketing for MoJamz Records, and the label on which the rapper is signed. “It’s been a lengthy process, and we now want to give the industry and fans alike, not only an opportunity to hear what it sounds like, but also to let us know what they think about it in its early stage already.”

‘Dangle Jangle’, scheduled for release and kickoff to both radio and video markets, received incredible positive response from a limited street promotion campaign recently conducted that allowed the Houston-area 15-25-year-old market to get an audio ‘first glimpse’ at the single. And, due to the response, it is expected that the recording is in for quite an enjoyable ride during its promotion.

Love says, “We are extremely pleased with how this entire process has gone, and continues to go for us. I believe it is, primarily, due to our taking time and making sure that all aspects are carefully reviewed before making final decisions on them, whatever they happen to be. And, it’s amazing how much ease of effort can be maintained when this degree of care is taken.”

A couple of early reviews that have come in, are from Music Review Editors, Glenda Yancey and Joel Denver, both whom write for music trade review publications.

Yancey says…

“Thanks for granting me the opportunity to be among the first to hear your new artist, ‘Brizite’. The song is hot….I like the beat and rhythm. It’s very easy to move to (bounce, “dangle”, dance). I certainly think it could be the start of a new dance craze, the ‘Dangle’ or ‘Dangle, Jangle’. Overall, I like the song and the artist’s rap stylings and look forward to hearing it in rotation soon, hopefully heavy rotation.”

Denver says, “Hey, This is phat! Bring on the CD! :)”

MoJamz Records is inviting feedback from industry persons and potential fans alike who review the 58-sec. snippet. To listen, simply copy the below web link beginning with “pnm,” then paste into your web browser to instantly hear the “snippet” from the
upcoming worldwide release.

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