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15 May 2009

Listen To Brizite’s CD “Hard Hats and Steel Toes” FREE!

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Check out Brizite’s “Hard Hats and Steel Toes”

Click here Free Brizite

And don’t forget to check out his latest release here: Big Brother

More on Brizite:

HOUSTON, Texas – – February 20, 2009 – – Brizite latest foray on the scene consist of a slamming collection of 16 new tracks composed by veteran producers blazing that new or should I said Neo-Dirty S2244outh Sound.

Following up his first CD where he had great success as an artist on Mojamz Records label, he has come full circle with this latest masterpiece of hits for the Eartastic Record Label of Houston, Texas.

Brizite has become quite a brand name in a short period of time and is currently performing throughout South Texas and his hometown of Houston to sellout crowds. And all I can say is one listen to his latest CD and you will know why.

In his own words,

“Real Rap is not about lyrics coming from linguistic cripples. We can keep it real by speaking on extracts and captions with out offending the so-called morale majority (when and if that’s what we want to do). We will however, use whatever artistic and tasteful means necessary to get our message across.”

‘Big Brother’, the lead song from his new CD does just that. Coming from a scrunchee level with girt and grits enough to make you sit and think or get on the dance floor and express yourself to the fullest.

Early reviews of this material were tested through out South Texas, especially Houston and received great acceptance by DJs and club owners alike.

DJ Jagged Rock, a very well known DJ in the area had this to say about Brizite’s new release…

“Man, I don’t know what took you so long but it was worth the wait. I’ll be pumping this every where I go!”

A new wrinkle added to the process was the use of B. Palmer on three tracks of the new release. If you haven’t heard about B. Palmer by now, all I have to say is “where have you been?” And, if you really been away like to Mars, then just wait a few ticks because he is currently in the studio producing a whole array of new artist that are slated for release in 2009 on the Eartastic Record Label.

If you like that Dirty South and/or banging your head to the sounds of “Sweet Gutter Street Music,” then do yourself a favor and pick this release up today! Not later… I said today!

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