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02 July 2008

Carol Is Here

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About Carol Ross

New Neo-Gospel recording artist Carol Ross (Eartastic Records) introduces her spiritual persona on a myriad of levels.

Firstly, Ms. Ross’ message of spirituality is presented uniquely, in terms of her combined lyrical and vocal approaches and their respective execution.

Secondly, it is readily apparent that her musical ‘sound’ is far more than a deviation from the current personality of today’s Contemporary Gospel music, much of which has tended to take on many of the simplified mechanical elements of commercial secular music.

Hence, as a bit of Carol’s music is orchestrally laden, and often classically, for descriptive references her recording company has assigned the phrase, “Neo Gospel,” to this first release. Given the compositions and their respective makeup on this debut, this label appears most appropriate.

Further, the artist effortlessly meshes a unique blend of Gospel, Jazz, Neo-Soul, and Inspiration genres to create a ‘feel’ that offers a musically gifted experience for everyone, thereby, culminating in an overall message of hope and healing.

Ms. Ross’ life has been saturated with music, as she recognizes impressive Gospel and Jazz influences as being instrumental in having shaped her unique style. As such, she grants credit for this debut project release to divine inspiration, insistent that her current project titled, “Deep in the Good Soil,” tells her story musically.

While a number of the musical selections on this release serve as testaments of her own personal triumphs, additional selections have been specially and equally composed as voices for others who may not yet have strength or direction for allowance of their voices to be heard. On this debut release, the axiom, “Expect the Unexpected,” is duly noted.

From a deeper personal perspective, whether via a song, play, story, or simply a handful of words of encouragement, Carol enjoys elasticizing her writing immensely, as well as mentoring and evoking smiles from her listeners, whether such reactions are the result of a coined phrase, her having presented a familiar experience, or both.

She subscribes to the idea that “…happiness begins with me…” and that each of us can truly make that single vital difference…not only in our individual capacities, but also in our larger communities and, ultimately, on this earth where we all are stationed together in what is only a brief tour of duty–one interaction at a time.

Konichiwa Bitches (single) // Dutchess - Konichiwa Bitches (single)
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