10 May 2008

Who is on fire?!

HOUSTON, Texas – – May 8, 2001 – – With his upcoming debut CD titled, “Hard Hats & Steel Toes,” hovering on the music industry’s horizon, newcomer RAP artist, “Brizite,” has just released a streaming audio ‘snippet’ of the first single release titled “Dangle Jangle.” “We’re now only a few feet from the finish line,”... Read More
24 April 2008

Hello World!

Eartastic Records is on the scene… look over to your right and hit the “about us” link to learn more… Also, put us in your RSS Feed so you can stay tuned to our activities. You can use the¬†Google Reader to manage our feed. ¬†Our RSS feed is…”feed://www.eartastic.com/wordpress/?feed=rss2” If you not quite sure what all... Read More
Konichiwa Bitches (single) // Dutchess - Konichiwa Bitches (single)
  1. Konichiwa Bitches (single) // Dutchess - Konichiwa Bitches (single)